Suitable for all types of wheelbarrow jobs

General Features   

Transport heavy loads weighing up to 120kg effortlessly on the motorised Power barrow
The Power barrow by Genesis Power Australia P/L is a battery powered wheelbarrow for handling loads up to 120kg. The Power barrow is designed for heavy usage within a landscaping or concerting or goods moving environment.
The Power barrow incorporates all of the features you would expect on a Genesis Power Australia P/L product, including the latest developments D.C. geared hub motors, forward and reverse drive controls, variable speed control, tilt by switch and emergency stop. As with all Genesis Power Australia P/L equipment, the Power barrow comes with a comprehensive 12 months warranty, including parts and labour.

920 X 680 X 1600mm
Tipping time:

7 Seconds
Other options on request
Speed lever
Emergency lever
Batteries 12v 12 Amps, 12v 24 amps
Single plug
Galvanised Bucket
Strobe (Yellow flashing light)
Solid Tyre (Only three wheels)
Pneumatic tyre

This is suitable for all Garden, Land scaping other light/heavy jobs. Easy to drive, forward and Reverse functions, No need driver licence and Training providing.  This unit is very powerful because we use brush motor. Wheelbarrow’s time is depending on batteries size. Construction work is high risk. 

Every week, 50 Victorian construction workers are seriously injured and have to stop work, often because basic site safety is not up to scratch. It is not just lifting or carrying heavy objects; it includes:

lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, lowering, throwing, carrying, packing, typing, assembling, cleaning, sorting and using tools.

We focus your work place is safe. All model have Emergency stop or safety lever. Batteries removed and charged by you very easy. Only battery unit / battery could brought at charger place.  Machine could leaved at truck


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